Important: Did you know?

Prescriptions for contraception are always free. You never need to pay a prescription fee for contraceptives.

Non-urgent advice: What sort of contraception is best for me?

There are different types of contraception. The most common are:

  • the pill
  • the coil
  • the implant
  • the injection

You can find out about all of these on the NHS website.

The website Contraception Choices asks you what is important to you. It suggests the best type of contraception for your needs.

Emergency contraception, sometimes called the morning after pill, is medication you take after having sex to prevent pregnancy. It's important to contact the Sexual Health Clinic as soon as possible if you need emergency contraception. This is because it becomes less effective over time.

Non-urgent advice: Where can I get contraception?

At the surgery

You can get the pill, injection or coil here at the surgery.

If it's your first time trying contraception, you will need to speak to a nurse before we give you a prescription. The nurse will explain the different types of contraception, so you can choose the right one for you. She will also explain how to use it.

Call us on 01293 510900 or contact us online to book an appointment.

At a pharmacy

Many pharmacies can provide the contraceptive pill without a prescription. The pharmacist will talk to you about the pill and explain how to use it. You can find a list of pharmacies on the NHS website.

At Crawley Sexual Health Clinic

The Crawley Sexual Health Clinic is at Crawley Hospital. They can provide any type of contraception, including emergency contraception.

Call 01903 285199 to book an appointment.

Non-urgent advice: I'm under 16, can I still get contraception?


Even if you are under 16, you do not need your parent's permission to get contraception or advice. We are not allowed to share your personal information unless we are worried that you are in danger, or someone close to you is in danger.

This is the same policy as Crawley Sexual Health Clinic.